• The sound of time #2

    Vacheron Constantin

    The ateliergh reinstalls for Vacheron Constantin the scenography of the exhibition “The Sound Of Time” at the International Salon de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) in Geneva.

    Inspired by the world of polyphonic orchestras, this device offers a symphony of time orchestrated by the finest repeated watches in the world. The soloist of this orchestra being the Patrimony Contemporaine and its caliber 1731 ultra-fine, last creation of Vacheron Constantin.

    As usual, the ateliergh wished for a living scenography. More than a “staging”, it is a “living” of objects clearly defined in space, combined with a sensory narration that invades the place and unfolds over time.

    From this narrative dimension comes a link between space and time, between inert and alive. A sound and visual poetry that seeks to make tangible the intangible.

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  • Set & Graphics

    Sound Design
    Le club eskimoo

    Frédérique Mauclere

    Set Construction
    Expo Design + MH Decors SA

    Show Control System
    Skynight SA

    Motion design
    Matthieu Foulet